Who makes the best food in your family?

My mom. Nobody else really knows how to cook :eyes::rose::two_hearts:

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My Mum, because she had to learn it by herself without anyone’s help and I don’t cook :joy: My grandmother is good at baking but stopped doing that. Her cooking is okay, but not that great and not very diverse. My grandfather wouldn’t even consider trying to cook because that’s “a woman’s job” and the rest of my family prefers to go out to eat insteat of cooking themselves :sweat_smile:

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It depends what is being cooked. :thinking:

If it’s Nigerian food, then my dad, no doubt. But my mom is better with recipes and things like that. My dad makes a killer okra soup but my mom makes a banger cauliflower casserole :yum:
My younger sister is great at baking too!

And then there’s me. Who would rather not cook ever :joy: I make good burgers tho haha

My grandma.

Still me :joy: