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I’ve thought about this a lot, okay.

Now, while I agree with everything that Shannii wrote, I cant help but remember hearing something about how the Time Turner can’t be used to revive someone. I think it was another one of Rowling’s sad attempts to make the plot holes in her book less gaping.
However, this changes absolutely nothing. If what I remember hearing is true, that would just raise more questions. Does Buckbeak not count as a life? What about the thousands of muggles that die every day, do they not count either? And if a wizard happened to die while it was being used, would you still be able to use the Time Turner.
Normally, I’d think I must be wrong in remembering this, but knowing Rowling and her whole “Dumbledore was gay” thing, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Dang gurl, that’s well said

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