Why is art so expensive? (Do you think it should be more, or less, expensive?)

I don’t think all art is expensive. The artists do take their time to create their artworks and some even take months so I think the price is totally worth it. It can be their only job to make art and some of them might be expensive, but I think a lot of them are not.



it’s up to the artist actually :eyes:


no I dont, art is a job. like any other job, lets say I am selling you commission for 30 dollars, and it takes me ten hours to make, that means I work for 3 dollars an hour
the minimum wage for working at MacDonals in USA is 8 dollars an hour, so I am been paid less than half of a Macdonald worker. and they are freaking underpaid, here in Denmark they get paid almost 30 dollars, granted 10 goes to tax, but hey we have free hospitals and university so worth it

and we are not counting the extra time of actually dealing with the customer, like sending them sketches and outlines to know what I am making is the right thing. getting information on how it shall look, I do art for free, but I tell you getting information for people, that is worth money alone, so many people when you give them a sheet telling what you need to do the artwork cant figure out how to give that information, its so simple laid out and still I have to ask for the information multiple times

then there is fees, materials, tax when it applies.

not to mention the quality your paying for, aka the artist many years of learning how to draw.

again lest compared MacD, people who work at MacD’s are not trained chefs, that is why its cheap, its just produced. where if you got a fancy restaurant, its more expensive because you are paying for better quality, what food you get is better, use better materials, and of course, having experience in cooking,

I definitely think that art tends to be cheap, since a lot of artists sell their art so that they aren’t even earning minimum wage for their time, especially considering supply costs can be super high for traditional art

@Artists What do you think?

I think some art pieces are really a bit too expensive. Especially those that were made my artists who aren’t alive anymore. Just put them in a museum for everyone to see but don’t put extreme prices on them, maybe?

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'Cause there’s so much work and talent that goes into it.


It’s different when you’re trying to market artwork to rich people compared to actually making art yourself. In some ends, those lines can blur, but in general, if it’s not some famous dead guy, respecting the artist’s prices is the way to go