Why is Episode so popular?

I think, as a writer who loves visual storytelling, that one of the main reasons Episode is so popular is because it offers writers a unique opportunity to create a movie-like story with so many tools to make it look as realistic as possible. You can design your characters the way you picture them, dress them up in outfits that match their style and personality, design their houses, schools, and workplaces using backgrounds and overlays, and have them move around the screen, talk, and interact with each other. No other writing platform offers that as of yet.

As a reader, probably the most attractive thing about Episode is the ability to ‘put yourself’ in a story (I never play as myself, though, to be honest) and make choices for yourself that can affect the outcome of the story.

What do you think, @Episodians?


Yes I agree…
I was able to put myself in a story.
I find it’s rather fun. You can direct which is pretty easy once you get a hang of it and you can also experiment with it.


I think it’s so popular because the featured stories are a mess and that’s why youtubers enjoy it and make content off of it and why viewers love it. Thanks to YouTube, the app has really gained a lot of traction


It’s a good app. The idea is good and its coded well. But the company is just so… money hungry. I tried to download Episode again recently to read stories by Wincy W. and the Infected, but for some reason it wouldnt work.


Cuz you can see YOU in a story as opposed to every generic image the media portays. Tht image is TIRED especially if ur a minority.

On a funner note you can CHOOSE(when authros quit doing tht newjack sh1t where they say no CC or choices…like why read ots mindless taps if the plots dull.)

It got popular cuz of tht its only few yrs after they started promoting the weird crap and trashy stories tht youtubera profit from.

EVEN THE ADS changed.
It went from
(Rainy day scenario)
Choice A: share an umbrella
Choice B: take shelter

To now cringe and awful
(Shower scene) “Baes in shower”
Choice A: Pee in sink
Choice B: join him(wink face)
Choice B:flush toilet on him


It was different than those otame games that said you could customize yourself, they lied :’(
And passes are more gainable, stories were interesting and I feel the graphics are good!