Why the Forums are a Great Place to Spend Your Time

Come have a read of @Duckling’s perspective of why the forums are a great way to spend your time.


Definitely rad :sunglasses:

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@Bloggers, are there some good points in little duck’s blog, what do you think?

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That was such a cute article.

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okay it’s the weekend and, as i said in another post of mine, it’s my weekly “catching up on blog posts and replies” time so

i agree, the forums are a very fun and warm place
also ngl i kinda like that the community is on the smaller side, makes it feel “comfier” and more familiar that way :3

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I am a person of the forums, I love being here. It’s really a good place to be, and as Duckie said the people are nice, and there’s loads to do. Along with the RP section, which I’m espiacially fond of.
You can be yourself and open about a lot of things, it’s also really welcoming of everyone. It also does really well with harrassment or bullying, better than my school at least.
Anyways its really rad and everyone should stay here.

I’ve been on the Forums for almost 2 years now, and I do agree with all the points. There are a lot of rad users on the forums and the heads are friendly and tend to interact more often compared to EF. After transfering from EF, I really enjoy the community here. Props to the everyone for being so amazing. :heart_eyes: Will continue to be here.