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Why You Should Never Use Essay Writing Services

Even if you hate writing essays and really need some help, there are many reason listed here why you shouldn’t use essay services!


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God this post actually has so many good points, not only do you risk being kicked out of university it’s worth mentioning that in some cases you can actually be banned from doing any other qualifications for a while if you don’t submit your own work. As the post points out, it’s just really not worth it.

Also on the forum on there, there’s an example of a paid for essay which we’re looking at :joy: it’s awful!


100% true! Well said!


How did your university professors are supposed to know that you purchased your paper? I did it once ago, but no one revealed my secret.

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Then you got lucky, software now can pick up on it and also, teachers know


I thought it was tips and tricks for writing an essay

Software? I never heard about it.

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Yeah, essays are mostly submitted online these days, while it can be faulted, websites like turnitin are able to detect plagarism which the person marking it can check. In terms of buying essays though, teachers are often aware when it isn’t your work, they’ve been marking your actual work and can usually tell the difference. If they don’t and if you aren’t caught that’s lucky but as Shannii said in her blog post if you haven’t actually demonstrated your own ability then if you get a job in that field you won’t know what you’re doing.


Essay writing services can be tempting when college is overwhelming, but the repercussions far outweigh the benefits. Find out why they’re simply a bad idea
It’s 2:00 am and you’re exhausted. Your bed sings the siren song of slumber, but you have a five-page essay due soon. You’re currently two pages in, and you’re stuck. You wish someone would just write it for you. Sound familiar?

When it comes time to turn in a college paper writer, some students make the unfortunate choice of paying for an essay writing service instead of penning their own work. Why? Students often turn to essay writing services when they’re overwhelmed by all their work and feel like they can’t do it alone. It’s common for some students to procrastinate until the last minute and see a paid service as an easy way out. Alternatively, other students may feel as if their writing skills are not strong enough for college-level essays.

If you’re either kind of student, you’re not alone—but cheating is never the answer. Before you even consider using an essay writing service for a paper instead of doing it yourself, stop and think: is one assignment worth risking your entire academic career? Even if you don’t score the highest grade for it, doing your own work is always the better option. Here’s why you should never use an essay writing service to help you tackle your college essays.

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this is insane