Why You Should Write for Episode

The pros and cons for writing on Episode.

Do you write on Episode? What do you think about it?


Lol my stance on this has changed a lot


Lol I bet :joy: have you considered doing a part 2


Oooh… a part two. This would be interesting.

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I always have mixed feelings about Episode despite me writing on it currently, The assets are good and I’m inlove with the art style but recently their cons are outweighed their pros imo- If it wasnt bad enough that they pickle and dime every featured story they kinda treat plenty of authors like trash so to say.

Regardless Episode is a great app, But the community can be toxic. I love shannii’s explain though it definitely brings great insight over the community in general.


Writing for Episode was definitely a challenge, mostly because of the coding and the limited animations. I constantly had to rethink what I want the characters to do because I couldn’t find an animation that showed the right emotions :sweat_smile: But that really helped me at some points!
Also, it’s really not that difficult to get reads (like it is on Wattpad) because it’s popular but people are willing to check out your story even if it’s not popular yet so they make it become popular.
But even if there are some pros of writing for Episode, I stopped writing there… I wonder why… :eyes:


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