Will Episode really help you as an author?

Do you think that writing on Episode can help you grow as a writer?
In my opinion, not so much if you are a very descriptive writer who uses a lot of narration.
However, if you are a visual writer, like me, who wants the readers to actually SEE the story, then I think it is very helpful, because it’s a lot like screenplay writing and directing. So if you’re into writing or directing for movies and television, then it’s practically the closest thing to actually being a writer or director.

What do you think?


It really depends on me since I like writing in description mode instead. I would say that Episode has gotten me back into writing again. It might help in the long run when I have the opportunity to write in screenplay mode. Although, I do better writing in story mode since that’s what I’m used to—another reason why I’m slowly updating my episode story.


I think it can. That’s why I still write on there