Will Episode really help you as an author?

Do you think that writing on Episode can help you grow as a writer?
In my opinion, not so much if you are a very descriptive writer who uses a lot of narration.
However, if you are a visual writer, like me, who wants the readers to actually SEE the story, then I think it is very helpful, because it’s a lot like screenplay writing and directing. So if you’re into writing or directing for movies and television, then it’s practically the closest thing to actually being a writer or director.

What do you think?


It really depends on me since I like writing in description mode instead. I would say that Episode has gotten me back into writing again. It might help in the long run when I have the opportunity to write in screenplay mode. Although, I do better writing in story mode since that’s what I’m used to—another reason why I’m slowly updating my episode story.


I think it can. That’s why I still write on there

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Honestly not…really?
I mean, Episode itself doesn’t really teach you any good lessons, those come from the feedback of the audience and also you’re restricted in what you’re able to do while Episode don’t really follow their own guidelines which makes it all the more confusing.

So yeah the feedback is good and writing in a different format is fine but like, I don’t think Episode is helpful.

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It kind of helped me to start writing again while also being busy with lots of other things and to create stories I enjoy, but that’s it, I think :sweat_smile:

@Episodians What’s your opinion on this?

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I think it will help you get out if your comfort zone and try something new!