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Witchcraft discussion!

Merry meet! I’ve learned that’s a greeting that witches use. I’ve grown interested in witchcraft, so I decided to dive in. I haven’t done much except for moon water, but woah, that was weird. Feel free to come and just chat about witchcraft here. Blessed be.


Only witches i’ve heard use that are the ones in movies :sob: It’s pretty cringy
also witchcraft is a very broad subject with many practices.
but blessed be is more common for the secular pagan/witches


That’s very fair. I picked it up from a group I’m in, and they said it’s more Wiccan, and I asked if I could use it. They said yes. I guess it is kinda cringy, but I like it.

God no, Wicca. Immediately not :sob:


No wonder it sounds like a movie shit :sob: Anyways your first mistake was joining a Wiccan group :woman_cartwheeling:

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It’s not chiefly a Wiccan group. I mean, I’ve never seen an issue…aside from gatekeeping. That wa s fun.

If they associate with Wicca without educating on how terrible it is then you need out.

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Fair point.

Long story.

Someone told me there were a bunch of rules, and I’m definitely not into that. I don’t want anything to do with Wicca.

feel free to explain

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yeah Wicca is very ruley. They also have some closed aspects too like Dianic Wicca (which i hear is transphobic)

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Just a huge argument about the whole “Merry meet” thing. I don’t even know what happened, but it got pretty bad. I was about ready to bail, but I just left the conversation.

Yep. Staying far away from that.

LOL wiccans are weirdddd
anyways instead of saying merry meet go learn about some history and appropriation
helps a lotttt more. then you can start diving into practices that are open to you


Got it.

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Ok, Gerald Gardner was fcking nasty. Staying FAR away from that sht.