Working on an Episode story?

Is anyone currently working on an Episode story? If so, what’s it about? What chapter are you on? Do you you plan on publishing it? Overall, how do you feel about it so far? Just curious :))

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I’m working on one right now. :)) Trying to actually complete my first story for the first time in like never. :joy: I always end up changing to another story lmao.



lmao yes-
i used to do that-

Yep! Working on several things rn lol… One I’m currently considering is about a girl who gets trapped in this world and she’s forced to work in this dangerous junk/trash yard which is basically miles and miles of land that go on basically forever and it’s filled with trash/junk and mining caves and stuff like that.

I haven’t ever finished an episode story and only published something a long time ago…

Really? I’ll share the link once I publish the first three episodes if you mean it-

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Yes yes I am, but I doubt it might actually get published some near time soon considering the situation I am in-

I’m excited about it because I really like how it’s been so far. Every day I just get more and more ideas to develop the plot so I’m happy about that lol.

yes- does anyone else struggle with planning a story from start to finish like i do? when i get an idea i just code it instantly and then get upset over the plot doesn’t make sense :weary: :droplet:

i just write and code the first chapter and then I’m like- wut next?

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I’ve completed most of my stories now and just revamping an old one as the coding is :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

I wish I had more time to read but life is busy busy busy :joy:

I have to write multiple drafts first before I’m completely satisfied. So basically I’m rewriting a story 3 or four times :joy:

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Pantsers be like.

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I am! It’s called Deadly Nightshade and it’s currently my passion project. I’m really trying to complete it.

I’ve written 7 episodes so far, that’s the most I’ve ever done for a story.

The story is about 8 (ok, 9) people who get entangled in a messy web of lies. One of those people are murdered and someone else is the culprit. The protagonist is a selfish ambitious woman who will do anything to get what she wants. The story itself centers around a rich family that owns a corporation. As the murder mystery is revealed, everyone’s darkest sides are revealed, leading to a horrific cycle of revenge from all sides.

How do I feel about this story? Excited! I look forward to writing and developing it even more. There’s always new outfits to create, new characters, new storylines and plot twists, I love it! Sometimes it is hard to write, though, especially with all the characters being morally grey somehow. Then I have to make sure the plotlines/twists are believable to an extent. It’s a process.

Honestly speaking, I have enough faith in this story, enough that I wanna make it a show… :eyes:

I’m working on chapter 17 of There’s No Accounting for Taste, and although I was temporarily demotivated and out of ideas, I finally have a good plan for this chapter. :yellow_heart: :sunflower: This one’s going to be a bit more focused on the upcoming cooking competition, which is getting closer and closer.

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