Worldbuild like a God(ddess)

Hey guys! I’ll be hosting wordbuilding classes geared to stories and creation! It’s a basic idea and I’ll walk you through my step by-step proccess of building a rather complex world for a story or role-play! Right now, those who want to be apart of it should sign-up just saying they want in and be prepared!

What you need.

  • A note-taking app

  • A calander

  • Some patience with me :pray:

What to expect

An extensive class in world building, organization and set the stepping stones for a wonderful story that will make sense to your readers and leaves them captives in your world.

When does this start?

I’m not quite sure but I’m thinking mid-to late June. I’ll have to set up the lessons in an chronological order and worksheets and note taking pdfs etc. This is a way to see who’s interested!


*to the tune of ask me out * sign me up, sign me up bxsh, sign me up, cruz-sign me up

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I’m interested ~

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interested :eyes:

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Ooh interested~!

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Added tags: help and writing!

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Me innn

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Ohhh, this seems super interesting and useful! :heart_eyes: Is this something that is going on or something coming up?

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@kalon is this still going to happen? It does look interesting like @fraud said so before.


Now that I’m getting more active, definitely :eyes: Gonna work some stuff and make an official update soon


That’s good!