"This is ‘WORLDS TWENTY.’ A universe just like our own. Though superheores exist.

Around the world, crime rises. Life goes on as usual, but there are few who decide to take matters into their own hands. Wether that means going out at night with a hoodie and gloves. Or dealing with an untold power.

These people are only the first to stand for change. But as ‘heroes’ rise, ‘villains’ do as well.

‘WORLDS TWENTY’ is another superhero & supervillain universe. Though it’s goal is to create realistic and new stories that may have not been done before. Or to expand ideas while in a world.

While realism is key, creativity and things of that nature are just as important. So this isn’t to say having powers or costumes will be limited. But the humanity or depth of the person is explored in depth."

This is a somewhat Vague description of a new RP idea/concept, WORLDS TWENTY.’ If you have any questions about the above RP and anything involving it, feel free to ask below.


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Reserve a female and a male!

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Might join

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Where should we submit our characters?

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You’ll submit them here. But I’d like for you to use the Sign-up form I have (which I’ll post soon).


Alright, thanks! ^^

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Here is the form you’ll use for Sign-Ups.

Sexuality (Optional)
Where are they from
Where do they live now
Background (Description of their life as they remember it.)*
Additional Details*
Faceclaim (Post image below)

(If you have any questions, post them below and tag me, @Sylas_Breik57. And I’ll answer them as soon as possible.)




Can they be from a fictional place?


Here’s some information about North Star, I’ll just post here so you all know.

Official Name- City of North Star

Aliases- North Star, North Star City or ‘The City of North Star’

North Star is a highly populous large city in South Eastern Colorado. Although it is one city, it’s six boroughs and various areas allow for the city to differ heavily from one area to the next.

Founded by Shannon D. Volker in the late 1800s, the city has had many political and territorial changes. It is now home to many artists, politicians, and a few big industrial businesses as well.

It consists of six Boroughs. Including:

  • Trivial
  • Kings
  • Worther
  • Redblock
  • Harris Isle
  • Outlands

With the Outlands being the smallest, and Worther being the largest.

North Star has a primarily Urban environment, such as Worther & Kings. But Trivial and Redblock are considered Sub-urban, & the Outlands and Harris Isle are considered rural Boroughs.


Yes, they can.

Though if it’s like another planet, I’d prefer for it to be something more secretive. Meaning a Majority of Earth/the public won’t know that it exists.

And I’d prefer it not be somewhere specifically from another fandom. Such as Gotham, New Jersey or Eltar.

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My good sir. New Jersey is a state.

But yes, it would just be a city in CA. I’m basing my character off a story I’m probably going to write in a future, and she lives in a fictional city, so that’s why I’m asking :sweat_smile:


No I know. :sweat_smile: The formatting of that was just a little bit off. I meant like how Gotham from DC is in the State of New Jersey. But it came off like I was listing it.

Oh, okay. That’s all fine then. I just didn’t want to expand the universe too much before one area/plot line is explored or developed.

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Can I reserve two males? (Do I have to reserve a female?)

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You don’t have to reserve characters as of right now.

And you don’t have to reserve a character based on wether they’re Male or female. Any character is fine.

But, to answer your first question, yes.

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Name//Nicknames Jayleigh ‘Jay’ Everheart
Age 27
Sexuality Bisexual
Gender Female
Where are they from Moonlight, CA
Where do they live now Worther in North Star City
Background Jay wasn’t always wealthy- she was born into a poor family in the slums of California, where she grew up. She always wanted to be an actress, despite her family’s status and everyone doubting her. After a stroke of luck, she was able to land the lead role in a show called PHNX about a vigilante called the Phoenix who protects her city. Because of this role, Jay moved to Moonlight and her days were mostly filled with filming, which caused her to all but cut off ties with her family. Jay, despite everything, was able to adapt into her new life as a celebrity rather quickly, leaving her old life behind. One night, when she was hanging out at a bar with some coworkers, a news story came on about how a ‘Lia Everheart’ was killed- Jay’s little sister. Jay was utterly wrecked for weeks, the reviews on her show suffering so greatly that she was almost cut completely at several points. She became more critical of the world around her, starting to notice the severe spike in crime in Moonlight. Deciding she won’t let what happened to her sister happen to anyone else, she donned the mask and became the Phoenix, determined to protect her city from the crime left unchecked by normal law enforcement. She juggled this charade of being a celebrity by day and vigilante by night for several months, before filming was moved to North Star City and she decided to continue fighting crime there.
Personality Jay comes off as your normal air-headed socialite. She’s bright and bubbly, with a script in one hand and a glass of champagne in the other. She’s the life of any party and always brings an air of refreshing happiness when she’s around. Jayalways knows what to say and how to say it as to manipulate the topic of a conversation or interview to her liking. She doesn’t use this to harm others, though- on the contrary, she only uses it when she needs to steer the conversation away from the Phoenix and their possible identity. Of course, this is all just an act, hiding Jay’s true nature, which comes out when she’s in the persona of the Phoenix. Jay is serious and cold by nature, but only because she knows and understands what could happen if she fails to put a stop to any criminal activity she finds out about. She can easily snap when concentrated, prone to yelling and causing a scene if she’s interrupted.

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Can I reserve a male?

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Yes, you can!


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Name//Nicknames - Sawyer Kohl
Age - 18, almost 19
Sexuality - Grey Ace/Demiromantic
Gender - Female
Where are they from - Andorra (???)
Where do they live now - Harris Isle, North Star, Colorado
Background (Description of their life as they remember it.)*
Sawyer would say she’s lived a fairly uneventful life. She’s lived in Harris Isle for about 14 years, having moved there around there around the age of 2 with her family. But they moved away due to financial complications, returning to the area when she was around the age of 5. That 'financial complication being her father’s passing, leaving the family to consist of Sawyer and her Mother. Putting her a year behind in school and sending them on a home search across the nation.

Currently, Sawyer has become a High School graduate. Graduating a semester earlier than most. Instead of going directly to college, she decided to get a job and work on building up her savings. Working at the Illinois H. Sharpe Historical Public Library. Located on the edge of the Kings borough.


Sawyer is very energetic, and willing to look to have fun in any situation. Though she is also serious, especially when it comes to situations of uncertainty. These contradicting traits tend to confuse others, and get her in trouble sometimes. This is all only shown when she feels she has a reason to show interest. Often, she only remains silent and in the background. Giving the minimal needed effort in order to get through any situation.

Anything Else

  • She has a slight sensitivity to sound, and sometimes light.
Faceclaim- To be added

Seems cool!

Can you tag me so I remember to respond to it? Haha tyyy

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