Would you ever eat savoury ice cream?

Personally, no. That’s just gross and why tf would you do that. Imo, savoury food was meant to be eaten hot. And if it wasn’t meant to be eaten hot, it was most certainly NOT meant to be blended and eaten frozen, mixed with disgusting amounts of milk.

Anyway that’s my opinion, how about you @Foodies ?

  • Have you ever tried savoury ice cream?
  • If you have, what was it like?
  • If you haven’t, would you if you were offered it?
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Ummmm…maybe maple bacon…maybe. That’s it.

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All the way savory without any sugar? NO.
Savory foods or flavors blended into actual cream and sugar? Why not?

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My favourite ice cream that I’ve ever had was in Seoul. the flavour was black sesame, and it was sooo good that I devoured it and ordered a second one 10 minutes after. HAHAHA.

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Ok then. I’ll take your word for it.

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Sooo gooooood.

We used to had licorice ice cream that was also salty and it was so good.
I would love to try bacon ice tho

Bacon ice cream!

It was actually quite good. Different, but good! I’d try more if someone offered some to me

That sounds disgusting

Hm, I wouldn’t say no to that

Again, maybe maple bacon. Definitely not oyster. Yes, that’s sadly real. I love oysters and ice cream, but not together. God, no. @foodies, what about you? Also, have you heard of any weird ice cream combinations?