Would you like a film to be created from your writings?

Some authors dream of having their writing be adapted for the silver screen. Others would prefer their writing stay on the page. What about you, would you like a movie to be created out of your writing?



Only if they write the movie the same way I wrote the book :joy:


If I was the one to direct it, then sure, why not, haha


Only if it doesn’t end up like PJ

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I would love it, if I have total control of the script and the casting (because I am very sure they would make my queen, a dark skin black woman who is the most beautiful to a light skinned biracial girl and I am not having it. Also they may cast my fat characters as skinny people and I am also not having it.) And also like Pjo they will make my 11/12 characters look 21, so I need control over casting/script (so they don’t butcher my story)


I’d rather a series, since my stories are more suited for that anyway. But yes, as long as it’s exactly the way I wrote it, straight down to the cast. (That means cast my lovely dark skin ladies, Hollywood!)


Hollywood: Ok.

*Holly wood casting for dark skin *

Hollywood : The darkest we can find! Though we also have her:image

Caucasian woman with a tan- I mean dark skin woman! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I hate this sooooo much. Literally 80% of my cast in nearly all my stories are black, but they don’t have “black” names cuz their race doesn’t matter. Their race doesn’t make them THEM and no one questions a corporation led by black people. You could easily switch out the races and it still wouldn’t matter… which is why Hollywood should stop making these black struggle/trauma p**n films

I feel like I’m going off on a tangent but there’s so much wrong with black cinema in Hollywood and it needs to change!


Episode was a way for me to kind of see it up on the ‘big screen’ with the animations. but it would be so cool to have my work in theaters some day, a movie or a play.


There is no such thing as a “black” name, as their are black people from varies cultures/ethnicities/places. Though, Anastasia is one name that is just :no_mouth:

Almost all of my cast are black/coded as black. But they are white peeps, asians peeps etc on it too. My main characters are “Black, Filipino, white & biracial”

I hate it so much! And when hollywood wants to change a character to black for “diversity” points, they literally add that their a black/black pain trauma. I am tired of my representation being only trauma! It’s so racist, white characters can be characters but White hollywood has to make being black a personality trait and add black trauma.

And almost half of black representation that isn’t black trauma is whitewashed

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No no no and no!!

I don’t trust the directors if they ever get the cast wrong. If I want the film adaptation of my book, they will have to go through me and pay me!

For example, I’d be annoyed if the director made my main character half Chinese and half English when she is half English and half Bengali. Wasian (sounds weird but I’ll make an exception in this argument) doesn’t mean half East Asian, half English. Get your s**t together, Hollywood!!!

Actually, I won’t allow Hollywood to touch my future books. I know for a fact the characters in my book are very iconic.

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Bloody hell, it’s stupid when they pick the actor/actress with the lightest skin tone when the character of a book/game isn’t that skin tone! :woman_facepalming:


This! I am light skinned but it annoys me so much.

They try to find the lightest people ever and if they can’t find them they have a white person put a tan and boom!

Like what’s so hard about casting dark skinned people?



It annoys me when they put a white person that is tanned and called them “exotic”. :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming: Just because you got a tan, doesn’t mean you’re half Mexican, Spanish etc. you just got a tan!!

I’m medium tone and boy, it‘a ridiculous when the producers don’t cast darker skin characters to play certain characters in the book.


For example, Jade from Mortal Kombat is originally dark skinned but in the film adaptation, she’s East Asian. Makes no freaking sense!!



They should have cast a dark skin east asian, if they wanted east asian representation or something

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And I hate how people of color are “exotic”

and white people other. Like… we are humans too.

Funny because I often get called ‘exotic’ because no one can tell if I’m Bangladeshi. I often get mistaken for Italian, Romanian, Turkish, Serbian, Russian, Cypriot and Spanish or mixed race.

But I also find it annoying when someone tells me that I’m cute for a Bangladeshi British girl. Whaat!

Exactly. They also exist! People from countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia have East Asians that are darker tone.

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I’d like my story to be a series, though I’d also like to have some say as far as which actors are playing my characters.
My story is very ‘show don’t tell’, so it’d work perfectly as a series.


same! I would need to involve in the casting