Writer's Block - 9 Incredible Tips

Originally published at: https://shanniiwrites.com/2018/02/18/writers-block/

9 Incredible Tips to help you tackle Writer’s Block right now!


I used to never get writer’s block until half a year ago. I guess it’s because I always loved reading and read a lot which always inspired me and gave me new ideas. Now, whenever I get writer’s block I try some of the tricks. “People-watch” seems to help me most but it still takes one or two days to really work. Looking at other kinds of art also helps me a bit, but I think that one loses it’s effectiveness if you use it too often :sweat_smile:


That’s really awesome that they’re working for you! Do you remember how you felt the first time you ever got writers block? :eyes:

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Like banging my head on a wall :joy:

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A remastered version of the illustration in this article, for anyone interested :eyes: