Writers Club... maybe?

So, I have seen that there was a previous thread about a club for writing by @astralis and I was also realizing how I’d be interested in a writing club, as I’m currently working on a novel!! I was wanting to create a groupchat to discuss our books, or ideas for them, get some feedback and just basically anything you’d do in a book club too?

So, if you’re interested, just say so. I have a couple plans on how to make this little thing.

@Writers any of you that are working on writing a novel or book, even episode story that would be interested?? :thinking:


I’d be willing to join a writing club! I haven’t been writing much, so maybe this will help motivate me to write again and maybe start writing a new book!


Yes, yes, yes, yes.



Could you join even if you aren’t working on something at the moment?

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I’d love to join a writing club! Sounds great.


I’m in! I love discussing writing tips and characters.


YES! I’d love that

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omg yaas queens. coutnt a h0e in


Yeah, I’d like to be a part of it since it seems interesting

Hmm, I’m interested as well. I just started to get back into my writing again.

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Hello! Sorry I disappeared! Rough stuff rn.

For the one question asked, you can definitely join the club if you’re not writing something this very second.

I will be creating a groupchat for this club! I will give further information in the first gc post.

Sound good?

Click if you’re ready!
  • Yes!

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…I will be using this poll as a “signup” to know who I will be adding.

If you have more ideas on what else we can do in this club, just say it here!