Writing a Character That Isn't You

We often create characters that are similar to us in values, beliefs, likes/dislikes, and personality. But what do you do when it comes to writing a character that’s the total opposite of you? Is it hard to put yourself in that person’s shoes?

Let’s discuss!

  1. Is your main character similar to you, or are you total opposites?
  2. Could you ever create a main character that likes music that you hate or has hobbies that you aren’t interested in whatsoever?
  3. Who do you usually base your characters on?
  4. Who’s more like you… the main character, the love interest, a side character, or no one at all?
  5. What tips do you have for writers who want to make a main character that is nothing like them?
  6. Is it okay when authors make their characters similar to them, or do you find it unoriginal or narcissistic?
  7. What do you have in common with your main character?

I’ll post my answers later. :sunflower: :sparkles: :coffee:


Total opposites.

Yes, yes I can.

Most of the time it’s about some quote I see, an Illness I just read about, a scenario from someon’es life or myself.

No one at all.

Look at people’s mannerism that are different than yours. Listen to songs you wouldn’t normally listen to and go about your day in a very different way.

It’s okay because it’s the author’s story. If you don’t like it you can just leave it be.

Our procrastinator habits.


With enough research you can create a character that is totally different from you. I enjoy acting, and the first rule is to understand this isn’t you. Step into your character, and embrace them. Learn to work with their faults and talents.


Oh, right… my answers. :woman_facepalming:t3:

In Diary of a Middle School Teacher, Mia, the MC is basically me with different hair and and a different skin tone. But we like the same things and react very similar in certain situations. She was very easy to write because I just had to think about how I would react if something she was going through happened to me.

In Miss Understood, Emilianna is similar to me in certain things, such as likes and dislikes, but her personality is different in many ways.

In the story that I’m planning right now, there are five main characters. One of them is a lot like me but the other four are different than I am.

Well… I usually get inspired by things I’m into, so I haven’t written a MAIN character that likes things that I hate or don’t care about. However, I have created other characters that were into things that I’m not into, just not the main character.

People I meet in real life (or online), a fictional character from a book or TV series that stood out to me for some reason, or family members.

The main character, almost always. However, there was a story I wrote once where the main character wasn’t much like me at all.

Research and lots of planning.

It’s fine! Don’t let anyone shame you into thinking otherwise. But that doesn’t mean that they have to only experience what you’ve experienced. You can make a main character similar to you but put them in a world you don’t live in. Let them go through things you’ve never been through.

Our job, likes and dislikes in food, taste in music…


My main character is mostly different to me but I guess there are some similarities. We aren’t opposite, just different.

Yeah, but I would have to do some research on it. (There aren’t many things I hate though)

Real people I’ve met or fictional characters, historical persons. From people! I take bits and pieces.

I usually don’t have a love interest lol so not that. Maybe the side character. I would make a good side kick.

Just base your character of off real people. Think carefully about what they would do in different situations and maybe weigh different options and reason behind their actions.

I think it’s okay. But if you write every character like you it would seem like you can’t write anything else and people might get bored of reading your books.

We both have good intentions, we’re loyal, appreciate alone time… Hm that’s about it.