Writing Challenge: Create a character who is the complete opposite of you

Time for a writing challenge

So, an interesting writing challenge is to create a character that is the complete opposite of yourself and try to write a short story (almost like a RP post) from their perspective.

I will start, I didn’t have inspiration for an actual story so I just decided to write a day of their life.

A day of the opposite me

I woke up and right away got out of my bed. Sleeping in wasn’t my thing and I was too excited for the day coming up to waste time laying in bed. After a good breakfast and a quick shower I dressed up and put my makeup on, I never went outside without any makeup. I always wanted to look as girly as possible.

Even though it was heavily raining I jumped on my bike and cycled to university where my friends were all waiting for me, in my group of friends I was the leader more or less. We shared what had happened over the weekend and laughed a lot, well, they mainly laughed about me cause I was the most outgoing person of the group and barely stopped talking. My friends accepted that cause they liked me and I was a source of positivity for them.

After paying attention in classes, later on the day I had my sports training and in the evening I went to a birthday party of a friend. Usually I enjoy parties cause I’m always the center of attention and I can never find a moment alone cause there are always people surrounding me. When it was 1 AM I was back home and spent another hour preparing my classes for tomorrow, after which I fell asleep very quickly.

Reflection: the opposite me sounds like a total boring popular girl, haha, it was interesting to think about this though and also think like what makes something an opposite :thinking: Writing skills wise this didn’t really help me cause I know what I wrote isn’t good and I’ve written it in maybe 15 minutes, but I might actually be motivated to use this character I’ve created in a RP or something like that! It made me think and that is interesting!

I hope you guys will have fun with this one, at least I know I did :upside_down_face:


Definitely bookmarking


On it.


Ooh, I want to do this! I don’t actually have time now but I’ll do it later!


Sounds nice! But uh, should I post as opposite online me or opposite real life me? :eyes:

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Whatever you want!

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Let’s see!

The Total Opposite of Marianna A.K.A. Coffee Aunt

I never leave the house without a session of yoga and meditation. It takes a lot to upset me. If someone doesn’t care about me, &%/$# them. I don’t get emotionally attached to people.
I threw my hair back into a ponytail and picked the most comfy outfit in my closet. I don’t care about what my hair looks like, and I never wear makeup. I went into the kitchen and fixed myself a bowl of papaya with granola, and spread some goat cheese on my rice cakes. Gluten-free is the way to go. I never drink coffee in the morning because I don’t like it.
Brody, my Chihuahua, raced into the kitchen. If I could have twenty dogs, I would. I hate cats but I love dogs, especially Chihuahuas. And Bro-Bro is the best doggie ever!
After breakfast, I walked to work. I prefer walking over driving because it’s the best way to exercise. I felt great when I arrived to work, totally refreshed. The only problem was that I arrived late, but that’s not a problem for me because I’m always late. My boss was a little annoyed, but who cares? The students weren’t even in the classroom yet. I’m such a strict teacher but I don’t care about punctuality.
During lunch, I wanted to read Fifty Shades of Gray, but my co-workers asked me to join them for a welcome party for our new student. Bah, who cares? His name is Emiliano, and I don’t like that name. And he was eating Lebanese food, which I can’t stand. My enchiladas with lots of cotija cheese and chipotle sauce are way better than that tasteless mess.
My best friend at work, Stinky Suzie, invited me to go to a new bar and have some drinks with her and some other friends. Why not? We always have the best time making dirty jokes, dancing the night away, and flirting with whoever catches our eye. I love flirting. I can’t commit to a relationship but playing the field is fun! YOLO.
I had to teach writing today, which I hate. I’ve been asking to teach math because I’m so good at it, but there isn’t a position available at this school.
I sent three kids to the principal’s office. One because during free time, a girl was reading the Bible, and I don’t believe in religion. The second was for another girl talking about Episode stories, which is a total waste of time. And the third one was for a boy who dared to say that ice cream is better than cake! Are you &%$&/ serious?
A few kids sneezed in my face today, but they didn’t get reports because that doesn’t bother me.
Someone threw up in the hallway, too, so I helped them clean it up.

That was fun!

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I’ll come back to this to write about an attractive, funny, smooth guy who’s real tall, built, has great facial hair and wonderful self-esteem who never doubts himself :eyes:

Sounds like fun

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This sounds interesting, but I can’t write, so I’ll stick to reading y’alls. :rofl::white_heart:

Someone who’s quiet, never gets into arguments and gives no effs about politics sounds… boring. Wow, I’m a narcissist!

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Like, she doesn’t like reading, she doesn’t like films, she likes… sports? Really good at sports? Doesn’t like video games. Can’t dance. Can’t sing. Is great at drawing. Hates anime. Wears makeup all the time… it sounds like I’d not get along with her at all.


Kill it!

Burn it!

Buried it.



Doesn’t know karate


A character who is the opposite of me

hates food
Hate’s all the bands I love as well as music in general
Craps on all the movies in the world
Never says anything random
Doesn’t have any values

Sounds awful


I will compile this into a paragraph later

A character as the opposite of me?

  • A beauty guru
  • Not insecure
  • Unafraid to love someone
  • An open book
  • Is perfectly healthy and happy
  • Super attractive
  • Hates books, has perfect vision and can actually write well
  • Quite ignorant and selfish
  • Very shallow and at times harsh
  • Hates music (oh no no no.)

Oh man. That’s scary.


Since other people are doing this, let me just do a list too although I do want to write a sort of rp style post for this lol

  • doesn’t care about their appearance at all
  • never wears makeup
  • very organized
  • always early for things
  • very extroverted
  • very popular
  • very athletic
  • curses all the time
  • selfless
  • eats very healthy
  • has their life together
  • doesn’t care at all what people think of them
  • always knows what’s going on
  • doesn’t go on their phone much, spends a lot of time outside
  • likes nature, hiking
  • makes decisions really quickly

Oof, idk what to do if I’m in the middle and can’t really do the opposite of a trait
Like I’d say that my intelligence level is in the middle and my self esteem (I mean, it isn’t the best but sometimes my self esteem isn’t bad) and idk other stuff

I’ll probably add stuff to this list lol


Are really fast at making decisions

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:joy: Oml, I’ll add that to the list

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That sounds like the opposite of me as well! Except for the always early part, because I usually am very punctual, with a few exceptions.

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