Writing Exercises: Do It With A Picture ✍

Writing Exercises: Do It With A Picture

Heyy gyals. Welcome to a writing practice thread.
Let’s take it from the beggining. Want a place in the forum to practice your roleplays or writing? This is the place for you.

In this thread, i will give a picture every week and you can describe or make a story out of the picture and generally let your imagination run wild.

Let’s start with the first weekly picture…

27362280-silhouette-of-a-female-figure-with-katana-sword-standing-in-front-of-the-mountain (1)
Good luck

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions below…


I like the picture!!! I love silhouettes so this’ll be fun


Dude, this is awesome.


The earth was lit up by the sun, on fire as it’s flames danced across the sky above her, reflecting on the land around her where she stood atop a hill, feeling as though the world was at her feet, even though she looked out at mountains where they towered above her, their peaks immortal and pure.
The wind whistled through her hair and she let out a breath she hadn’t even realised she was holding. She is one with the world, and it is one with her.


I love this idea, but are you gonna continue with posting new pictures every now and then @StarMaryGoth :pleading_face: Anyway I’m gonna try to write something for the first picture!


Yes, new one coming soon…


I was so proud. My shoulders ached from the burns that were getting worse by the second. But I didn’t care. My legs cried out from the pain of the hike, but I ignored their protest to leave. Finally I had made it. Finally, I had done something while I was in control of my life. Finally I had escaped.

My parents were probably going to ground me for years, but I was in the palace everyday all day anyways, so why did it matter. Nothing mattered in this moment. Not Jake, not the crowd, not my pain. Nothing.

But eventually as I made my way back down, things did start to matter. And I did start to feel once again the ache in my heart from Jake. He had hurt me. Like never before. But, I couldn’t help my self thinking about doing the thing that I had originally came up here to decide…


I want to post another one. I love this idea. I’m also gonna post a continuation from my studying to the first photo. I love this idea.



Bumping so I’m gonna try later!


I forgot about this thread

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Just realised that it might spoil an ending so I guess I’ll stay out of this one lol

Are we still on the first picture?

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I have created a new one, but if you see other open writing exercises like this one, feel free to write

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