Writing Goals 2021

What are your writing goals for this year?

Mine are:

  • Completely rewrite The Write Team (same characters and a few general ideas with a different plot) and publish it on Episode.
  • Continue with the Wattpad version of No Accounting for Taste that I’ve kind of put on hold for awhile.

Mine is just:

  • Definitely stop procrastinating and actually write something :sob:

Mine is to start writing my first story on episode :blush:
and yea, i procrastinate a lot. But i dont think i wanna change that. If i want, i will write, if i dont feel like writing, then i won’t ever :slightly_smiling_face:

Start getting good at writing!!

Mine is to speed up the writing for my novel and not pull a George R R Martin.

Heyy @Writers! Come share your writing goals :smiley_cat:

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  1. Actual continue writing my fantasy story and publish it on wattpad I’ve literally only written one page and that’s the prologue I need to stop procrastinating.

  2. Finish my episode story I haven’t finish my first one /publish yet and I have started a new one…

  3. Write my novel and make a small book for only myself to see/read

  4. Start with my characters profile

  5. give them their Silas

  6. Stop procrastinating


AND get some ideas for my story also.

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Would luv to read

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Write some creepypasta stories on Tapas.

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I’m just gonna agree with this one. (That and I need better grammar and basically everything else, but, those are the main)

Gonna also agree with this one


Aww thanks

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  • Start my SG (The Forgotten Realm, you should totally join)
  • Create at least 5 characters for RPs/SGs
  • Write the first chapter for my story on Episode

More writing goals:

Watt pad story that I might publish goals:

1.Start planning my made up mythology and how the gods in the story would be relevant to the plot (though they won´t appear much more like be mentioned a lot of times and appear once, twice or even more depending if I change my mind.)

  1. Start making up the gods name. (Question is OmorfiáBel a good name for a beauty/love goddess?)

  2. Start planning the school that the MC and her best friend wold go to.

  3. Start choosing if the MC would end up with the male villain or if she would end up with the other male in her group though I think the villain! because I want her and the other male in her group to be just friends

  4. Decide which part of South East Asia, the Asian senior in her world whose parent are good friends with her mother would be in. I am debating between Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, and Philippines)

  5. Deciding if I should make the MC best friend parent asshats or nice people

  6. Deciding what race the MC best friend should be as the MC is black I am think native american or white

  7. Deciding the Queen of Netupia secret power

  8. Write how the MC accidentally let the dark god out

  9. Decide if the dark god should actually be a god or just a human who got inside Netupia and studied there but turned evil.

Episode writing plans:

  1. Continue with my first story

2.Plan the second story and how the MC was selected.

@WattpadWizards @Writers any more writing goals?


I have so many plans for 2021…


  • Finish at least one of my stories
  • Revamp “Mysterious Northview” completely
  • Finish episode 6 of “Deadly Nightshade”
  • Finish and publish episode 4 of “Reveal: Perfection” and “Queer: Flowers Have Thorns”
  • Possibly write a new story not related to a contest?
  • Maybe complete “Fairest of Them All” since I can tell that’s gonna be another one of my favorite stories
  • Stop “story-hopping” (take a break from joining every other contest)
  • Promote my stories more often


  • Publish my first story
  • Write the first few chapters and proofread it
  • Create a playlist for the story
  • Decide how the flow of time should go
  • Introduce and possibly name more characters
  • Try to write 2000+ words for every chapter cuz I can’t be writing 700-1000 word chapters forever!


  • Do that damn writing test so I can start working as a writer
  • Refine my plot so I can write the story and publish it
  • Help other readers as well cuz the writing on there is… mmph.

Well I finished episode 6 of “Deadly Nightshade”. I also stopped story-hopping and I’m now solely focusing on “Deadly Nightshade”.

Have you accomplished your writing goals for this year? Why or why not? Will you make the same ones next year?

My goal is to finally finish my episode story, so I can move on to other projects.