Writing Goals 2022

We’re doing this! Again!

What are your writing goals for this year?

Here are some of mine:

  • Possibly finish Deadly Nightshade, either complete most of it or all of it. Write it on other websites/apps too. Currently on episode 7
  • Work on at least 2 of my other stories on Episode, probably Fairest of Them All (since it’s the most recent), and Perfection OR Queer: Flowers Have Thorns.
  • Promote my stories on Instagram more often. With the new design/layout, it’s harder for me to navigate the app than it was a year ago.
  • Possibly join another creator’s contest? I haven’t done any in a while, but my stories don’t even get that much recognition so there’s no point in doing them lol
  • Completely rewrite Mysterious Northview, because I wanna try my hand at other genres, kinda, and because I actually enjoyed writing it. However I’ll definitely use some of the tips I’ve learned in the past 2(?) years to recreate this story. And I’m changing the title, as well as the cover.

For Wattpad:

  • Finally publish the first chapter of the story I’d been working on over there since summer 2020
  • Write at least 3 chapters
  • Create that playlist
  • Expand more on the plot

As a writer in general:

  • Improve my dialogue - I suck at it.
  • Possibly get better at character development? I mean my character development is pretty good, but not amazing
  • Try other genres of stories, maybe.
  • Start working on that one story I started based on “Forest of a Thousand Lanterns” about 3 years ago
  • I kinda want to make Deadly Nightshade “big” - that is, possibly, someday, turn it into a TV show?
  • Find more music, like instrumental music, for writing on Spotify and create a writing playlist there
  • Procrastinate less :smile:

Most of these are long-term goals, but the goals you share can be either long-term or short-term!

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at one point I went off the rails and started listing story ideas I wanted to write


Get my first novel, His Temptress done by the end of 2022 or early 2023 so I can work on my next book. I’m also working on my poetry book.

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Poetry book??? You go girl!

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Thanks girly, you got this!!!

Remember that poetry blog I’m running, I’ve transferred all my poems into a Word document. So, I’m gonna be killing two birds with one stone there.

Looks like we will be killing two birds in one stone with our writing goals.

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Woah. Love the goals. Nice work.

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Nice! We definitely will be killing 2 birds with 1 stone!

Thanks Cali!


Maybe more because you got a big list of writing goals.

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I only plan to accomplish a few of them this year. Baby steps, hehe

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For sure, gotta take them baby steps. No rush!

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Ik I barely post but my resolution was to write a story! Idk what it would be abt but I am determined to.

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Added some tags :innocent:

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Hey girl, I miss you.

Hope you accomplish that resolution this year

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Write more often. Publish more on Dorian and see how it goes. Take a chance on Episode again lol.

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Thanks choco :sparkling_heart::yellow_heart::blue_heart:

I’ll tell you if I do at the end of the year
Probably won’t show it but I’ll notify u

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Of course :kissing_heart:

Definitely! That’s fine with me

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Here are mine:

  • Finish 1-2 short stories (one is almost done and I’ve already got the idea for the second one)
  • Write at least the first part of my new novel
  • Maybe also write the second part of that novel, depending on how my summer goes
  • Start a portfolio for my poetry stuff (but first I need to find what I’ve written so far and sort through it)
  • Proofread Dreams and Nightmares (again), maybe redo the cover for the final season and just, in general, get it ready to show others in case I ever have enough confidence to actually tell my friends/family about it
  • Find another platform to publish my finished novel on (I’m currently trying to decide between Wattpad and Neovel)
  • Improve my punctuation in English (because I still don’t know any rules, I just put a comma where it seems to be right)
  • Get better at promoting my work (I might try TikTok if I choose to go with Wattpad as a platform to publish my novel on)
  • Maybe get a review for all three parts of Dreams and Nightmares
  • Try to be more proud of my own work

I sorted them by how important they are to me but I think I should be able to get through all of them this year.

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These are all great goals!

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