Writing Mysteries & Using Red Herrings

I enjoy writing mysteries, but I really suck at it :sweat_smile: It’s fun to plot things and not reveal a whole lot of information. There’s a blog post about using them, which gives some advice if you’re looking for tips or don’t know what they are. I think that they’re a lot of fun to read about, because they can lead characters the wrong way and make more a more interesting reveal eventually. If the whole story went purely towards one ending with no false leads, I think it would be a lot less interesting to read.

Do you like writing mystery stories?
Do you tend to use red herrings when you write?
Do you enjoy reading stories with red herrings in them?

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I definitely enjoy reading mysteries where there is a lot of possibilities of who-did-it and why-they-did it! It’s so satisfying (when the writer pulls it off right) when you get the wrong conclusion and you go back to see those tiny details that lead to the right one. :joy:

I’m currently writing my own murder mystery story and I’m laughing with glee when I see people theorize things! :smiling_imp: I can’t wait to reveal everything slowly because boy, there’s tons of things to show the readers. :wink:


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