Writing Nigerian characters

So yeah if you want to write Nigerian characters here are some information about Nigerians!

They are over 250 Ethnic groups in Nigeria (Known as tribes my colonizers don’t refer to them as tribes unless given a go) with Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba being the most known.

Nigeria also provides a lot of the world’s oil! Now how to write a Nigerian character

  1. Just write them as any other characters

Just write a character and make them Nigerian, it’s really not hard

  1. Avoid offensive stereotypes

Hard working (though this might not look like an offensive stereotype all stereotypes are offensive in their own way and I can see how it is offensive), Nigerian are into frauds (half the time Nigerian Prince isn’t really Nigerian and there is no one Nigerian prince. They are princes in if not all ethnic groups ) Nigerians are uneducated, Lmao we are literally the most educated in the Usa.

  1. Know the ethnics group of your character (optional)

You do not have to know their ethnic groups but it would make your story interesting and also if you’re given them a Nigerian surname then it is very important to know as we don’t go around mixing other ethnic groups name with our own that is not how we work.

You can also literally search up (ethnic group) surnames since life is made easier with the new technology! Don’t be a Jk Rowling and do what she did with one of her Asian characters and do it to a Nigerian character.

  1. Nigeria is very religious

Does that mean they aren’t atheist people? Nah it’s just that the country itself is religious and the three most known religions are: Christianity, Islam and tribe religion

  1. Nigerians have slangs

If you want your character to be more connected with their country then you could google pidgin language and know when to input it. Most Nigerians don’t actually speak in pidgin just when they are with their friends.


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