Y'all wanna talk about: Jibaku Shounen Hanako-Kun?

I started to watch the anime because it was recommended to me by a friend and JESUS DID I GET OBSESSED!

I read the manga after watching te series and I lost all my godamn tears! If you’re a fan of the anime, you should definitly read the manga! The anime skipped many important things.



Toilet bound Hanako-kun? The title weirded me out

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Lmao yeah, I typed in the japanese name.

What exactly is it about ? Toilets? Uhhh…

What other anime do you like?

lmao no :laughing:

It’s about a ghost who wants the girl’s bathroom because he was given the role as Hanako San of the Toilet. Trust me it gets dark.

  • Demon Slayer (read the manga)
  • Fruits Basket (anime only)

I have more on my list that I wanna watch.

Wait a minute…isn’t that the Japanese toilet paper urban legend? Red and you bleed out, blue you’re strangled? I think…

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I’m into Fairy Tail, OHSHC, Death Note, Akame ga Kill and Soul Eater.

the one you are talking about is Aka Manto, Hanako San is a bit different.

Basically, you go to the third stall in the third floor bathroom and knock three times, and then you ask “Hanako San, Hanako San, Hanako San, are you there?”. If she is there, she will respond by opening the door and saying “I’m here.” and then she’ll drag you to your death. In the anime, instead of dragging you to your death, Hanako San grants you a wish, but you have to pay a price.

I watched a few episodes of OHSHC when I was a kid.

Dang, wrong urban legend involving a bathroom. Whoops.

Lmao! Idk why toilets are a popular theme in Japanese Urban legends.

This is like some Moaning Myrtle level sh*t

Japanese female ghosts are attractive…even if they’re probably going to murder me-

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TRUE! Some people think that JK was inspired by the legend, but JK said that she saw many girls cry in bathrooms and that is why she made her.

Some people say that Hanako San died when she was playing hide and seek, and while she hid in the bathroom, WW2 bombs killed her.

Kuchisake-Onna lmao

The slit mouthed woman!

Yep :rofl: Bro I’m scared cuz everyone wearing masks now how tf will I know if that’s her :skull:

Do you live in Japan? If not, you should be fine.

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True, I live in the US.