'You have been logged out.'

Sorry if there already is a thread about this. I’ve been running into this glitch a lot lately: When reading a thread, perfectly at random, I get a ‘you have been logged out’ message. Then, I get redirected to shanii main page. It makes viewing certain threads (including replying to older messages!) impossible.

Is there any way to resolve this problem? Thank you in advance!


System logging people out happens because the server gets overloaded and can’t hold it so it logs people out

There’s not much to do about it increasing the server capacity is expensive af


That’s… Interesting. Some threads keep logging me out even when there are 6-8 people online :open_mouth: It’s usually the threads that have logged me out before, though. Is there some sort of system that ‘remembers’ who was logged out before?

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No clue
Don’t think so


My suspicion is that this happens mainly when you are on threads with a lot of stuff to load. I got this on the share your work, the photography thread, zepeto thread, all threads where a lot of images are shared so they contain a lot of data. Might just be a coincidence tho, that it happened on those 3 threads and nowhere else :thinking:


Hm… Would writing long posts have an impact on that? (I’m very, very guilty of long posts)


Maybe, but I am not even sure if there is a connection between the amount of data on a thread and the error. But in general if I’m correct text isn’t that much data. Unless you would work with many text effects and stuff…


I’ve been getting this issue a lot, too. Unless we downsized server space recently (we may have I’m just not aware of it), it doesn’t make sense because I didn’t use to get these before. It also happens on pretty much every thread, even if they’re small and no one else is replying. :thinking: