Your Ideal Style

You’re welcome :pleading_face:

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I mostly wear whatevers comfortable. My wardrobe is basically baggy clothes or tie dye but Bohemian is a style that I’ve always liked.

Mine is always going to be emo, goth, leopard print, sporty or floral. I’m sort of getting into the e-girl aesthetics, I guess you can say that e-people are the new emo aha.

But then again, I’m very much in between depending on my mood. I wear mostly dark colour clothing.

For some reason, I stopped wearing jeans/jeggings. I’m so used to wearing leggings now days, probably because of my gym habits.

honestly spoon did an amazing job of getting something i’d totally love to wear with this pfp :star_struck:

some examples from pinterest of clothes i wish i owned


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Anything that is comfy and not a skirt or dress :eyes::sparkles:

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Aesthetically pleasing outfits I hoarded on pinterest :pleading_face: But, I mean, I can try to copy those looks with cheaper clothes and it works pretty well.

What I can’t afford though is to buy myself a huge hotdog suit ok :pensive:

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My ideal style is the one I have :joy: I wish we had a fashion tag or something

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