Your least favourite tropes!

  • What are some tropes you absolutely can’t stand?
  • Is there a reason why you dislike these?
  • How can these tropes be written in a better way?

When a LI has to save the suddenly helpless MC :expressionless::eyes::sparkles:
It’s just not realistic and makes young kids believe that they need someone to save them instead of solving a problem themselves :eyes::sparkles:
Idk how this could be improved :no_mouth::eyes::sparkles::green_heart:


When the best friend is absolutely helpless and relies on the mc way too much.

It shows young kids that they should rely on their best friends instead of being independant

it could be fixed by giving the best friend some power of their own


The makeover bs. People seriously don’t hang out with you because you let down your hair and put some makeup or dress inappropriately. It ‘teaches’ kids that ‘you should be beautiful so people like you including your crush’ :expressionless:
This could be solved in one and only way: DON’T change your MC keep them with their glasses on and without makeup on, and don’t let the appearance be the plot of the story. They are Beautiful!


Oh yeah the helpless MC trope is annoying. Maybe it could be improved with a twist that the MC is actually manipulating the person who is “saving” her and it’s been a con the whole time?


The rich, blonde, bratty girl hates the MC just because she’s poor, and she treats all people without money like trash. The poor, plain MC loves every person and animal on the planet.

How to fix this: Maybe the rich blonde girl could actually be a nice person, and the poor mousy girl could be a manipulative, bitter person who befriends the rich girl in order to gain “status” or material benefits.


These are both interesting twists on these tropes. :white_heart:

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I’ve read a story like this once and it was really nice to see some change to the usual cliche plot :eyes::sparkles::green_heart::smile_cat:

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I like this one.


Love triangles, nerd to popular girl transformations

They are both cliche and often written very unrealistic.

That a girl not always gets the popular guy after a makeover, and that love triangles are actually hurtful and often end up with nothing basically…