Your opinion on converting stories to different styles?

Authors on the Episode platform will occasionally convert their stories from one style to another, whether it’s for the assets like clothing and hairstyles, or for the animations. What is your opinion on this?



Gah. It’s repeated and boring. The only way I’ll appreciate it is if it’s been years since the story was created and you’re revamping it.

Not a fan. Like Cali said, only if you’re revamping an old story, and are actually adding something new to it, not just converting the same exact story to a new style.
It’s even worse when both versions of the story end up side-to-side in the trending section because the author is releasing both versions at the same time. I actually saw this happen with a story.

I mean, I’m gonna do it once the ink story is finished

No clue, it’s up to the author tbh. Sometimes, the story is good in INK sometimes the story is great in LL.

Waste of time unless you’re revamping it…