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Your TOP 5 Best kisses on screen

Pretty much every tv show or movie has a kissing scene at one point or another but some are definitely better than others. What are your top 5 on-screen kisses?



Uh… my vote is for none. I’m not a fan of kiss screens on screen.

5. Axl and Lexie

Random one but this lives rent free in my mind

4. Casey and Izzie

No explanation needed this was perfect

3. Peter and MJ

ITS JUST THE MOST REAL KISS I’VE EVER SEEN maybe because lol zendaya and tom holland but also like it’s exactly how teenagers really kiss it’s just great and so cute

2. Betty and Archie

A cultural reset this was everything I’ve watched and rewatched and rewatched many times this is my favourite
(their kiss in season 2 would also be very highly ranked)

1. Ricky and Gina

PLEASE omg omg this was my everything they were my everything from day 1 i never thought i would see the day wowowowow i am in love with this i was screaming

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HAHAHA. Here’s me trying to remember this one.