Zepeto Outfit Contest • December Holidays

So welcome to yet another Zepeto outfit contest, our rad number 5, hosted by, Me :grinning:

The last one we had (Vintage) was won by radlad @LHT who picked our rad theme theme

For this one you have until 2020-12-25T17:00:00Z which is also a Friday and Christmas🤩 to enter your look. Then there will be a rad poll to decide our next awesome winner!!!

The Theme Is:

December Holiday

The Rules

  • You aren’t allowed to change anything about the facial features of your zepeto, however skin and hair colour changes are allowed. So is makeup.
  • You must own the full outfit, this must be proven by sending a pose from the photobooth.
  • You are not allowed to use the same pose anyone before you has used.
  • The maximum amount of clothing items you may have in common with anyone before you is 1. This is pure clothing so accessories and shoes are excepted from this.
  • Maximum of 1 outfit shown in a maximum of 2 different poses.


I don’t have a whole lot to offer, but the winner will get a prize from their wishlist up to 2500 coins, the 2nd place 1500 and the 3rd place 1000.
Furthermore the winner gets the right to come up with the theme for the next competition.
Obviously you will get bragging rights as well :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Feel free to leave any questions down below.
And tell me if you need a reminder!
But most importantly, have fun :star_struck:

@OutfitContest @Zepetonians


I just had to enter :upside_down_face:



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It’s Rudolph Shelly the red nosed reindeer :stuck_out_tongue::sparkles:



Just reminding y’all @Zepetonians if you wanna join you have until 2020-12-25T17:00:00Z



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Okay okay vote ay



Okok I won I don’t stan :triumph:
we do got a tie here

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Oopsie forgot

@Jass congrats :eyes: ya second place

applause :clap:t5::clap:t5:

@Eliza ya third but still rad :sunglasses:

Tell me what you want for prizes

And I won so I’m supposed to pick a theme but I lack ideas so second place I give that job to you

@Zepetonians :dancer:t4:

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Rad :eyes:

Closed due to inactivity and since the winner has been announced