about me

2x RPer of the month (2020)


queer / pan

black, mexican, igbo and of indigenous mexican descent

dream schools: northwestern and stanford

things to note

ily twin, @aesthetic

usually matching with @venus

always simping over @jaytastic’s characters

music lyrics for your amusement and my aesthetic

:heart: help, there’s monster underneath my bed… and i think that it might want me dead :heart:

:heart: i keep falling for the bad ones, the always-make-me-sad ones :heart:

:heart: so please, could i be selfish with your body? 'cause i don’t think i could share you with nobody :heart:

:heart: when i take a look at my life and all of my crimes, your the only one i think got right :heart:

:heart: i guess peter pan was right, growing up’s a waste of time :heart:

:heart: i am the island, you are the ocean :heart:

:heart: so you wanna start a war in an age of icon, so you wanna be immortal with a loaded gun :heart:

:heart: i love you more than the bad days ahead, i love you more than the nights we ended with slamming doors :heart: