Haiiii thank you for clicking on Ty Lee’s face and visiting my profile. It makes me feel significant :pleading_face: Anyway, enjoy this weird and somewhat-cringey bio I wrote when I first joined until I think of a new one :star_struck:

Hey! I’m Soleil (formerly known as Maria during my Episode days). You can find some of my old episode edits here and my new art account here on Instagram. I’m new to RPing and excited to try it out!

I’m indecisive, easily excited, an ENFP (if you’re an ISTJ, PM me plssss I wanna meet my opposite), and a Game of Thrones fanatic. I’m also almost always around or online, so feel free to PM me anytime and/or add me on discord :smiley:

^Most of this is still true, but if you really wanna get to know me, hit up my PMs! :heart:

@TheDancingFryer :gift_heart: